The Oklahoma Clearinghouse for early childhood success purpose:

The Clearinghouse promotes well-being for Oklahoma children and their families by building an evolving definition of quality, fast-tracking innovation, implementing research-informed practice and practice-informed research to support and improve early childhood systems and maximizing public/private partnerships.


What does ‘Quality’ in early childhood mean?

There is nothing more important that ensuring our state’s children will have successful futures. The Oklahoma Clearinghouse for Early Childhood Success will promote well-being for Oklahoma children and their families by defining quality in childcare and early learning environments, fast-tracking innovation, implementing research-informed practice and practice-informed research to support and improve early childhood systems and by maximizing public/private partnerships. We expect the definition of quality to evolve as the clearinghouse considers new research and best practices, but this work is critical and we are excited to launch this new effort.

– Justin Brown, Oklahoma Secretary for Human Services and Early Childhood Initiatives